Zug Content Package

Adding fresh and amazing content to your website helps you rank better and brings a lot more visitors to your site. To succeed with Google you have to be adding fresh content to your site regularly.

Every new page of content that it put on your website is another place and keyword for Google to index you in their results. Google focus on websites that publish content consistently and the more content you have in Google library, the higher chance there is of people finding your site.

The Zug Content pack is perfect if you don’t haveĀ  time to update the content on your website yourself.

Each month the Zug Content Pack delivers 3 researched, written and editing blog posts which you place on your website. We then promote those posts with 6 high quality links from relevant category themed website to promote your 3 brand new posts:

  • You add the 3 brand new posts we write to your website
  • We then promote these 3 posts with 6 high quality links from indexed websites, mature quality domains and social media sites (in some cases up to PR5).
  • Website links are mostly full-follow links
  • Links are placed permanently
  • We then bookmark all the posts and links

We will notify you when we start and complete the project each month.It is important to note that we create and place your links in relevant category themed content. Links from related websites will help your website get ranked faster.

Getting The Best Results

The Zug Content Pack is best used in combination with an SEO Package. The SEO Package will boost the power of your website and the Content Pack will help your website grow and the search engines will then find your new content faster when we promote it for you.


Item: Zug Content Package
Total: $599.

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