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Are You Ready To Be Ranking On Page One and Drive More Profitable Traffic To Your E-Commerce Store?

Take a look at the results we get for our customers.

Pro 'Small E-Commerce Store' Package - $699/month
Premium 'Fastest Results' Package - $1499/month


You’re after fast results and relevant search engine rankings that bring in more profitable, buying traffic and new customers to drive more sales .. Right?

More profitable traffic that delivers your E-Commerce store more new sales.

More qualified traffic equals greater ROI & that is what’s most important for us.

Any old SEO company can deliver number one rankings for obscure and completely pointless keyword combos. This however wastes your time and money.

Our approach is much more selective. An effective SEO strategy requires us selecting those profitable keywords that will send wallet out, ready-to-buy customers with credit card in hand right to your store.

Here is our 4 step search engine (SEO) process:

Step 1 – Discovery

We research your market and analyse data to determine the exact key phrases being searched by those ready to buy prospects. We look at what your top competitors are doing and reverse engineer them for even better results. This in depth research allows us to uncover the most favourable and profitable keyword phrases to target.

Step 2 – On-Site Web Architecture

Ensuring your website is setup correctly is key to your SEO campaign success. We adjust your websites code to talk in ‘Google friendly” language and label the pages with the right keywords so the search engines know exactly what your site is about. By placing the keyword phrases in the websites title or content and by adding unique page descriptions we help Google determine exactly what to rank you for and position you for best results.

Step 3 – Off-Site Campaign Promotion

Our monthly SEO packages work to make your website the most relevant and highly trusted website for the keywords that will bring in targeted customers to your business.

Our monthly SEO packages promote your website using a mix of custom content giving you first rate diversification. We use blogs, video, articles, RSS feeds, bookmarks, press releases and more so you get broad exposure pushing your site higher in the search engines. Our focus is on excellent quality and outstanding results.

Step 4 – Monthly Ranking Report

Upon completing your monthly SEO package, we will send you a before and after ranking report and detail the tasks completed for the campaign and any recommendations for your website. As our link building campaigns are very effective, often results are immediate, especially if you have not done SEO before.

We recommend ordering a website check first before starting your SEO campaign.