AdWords Services

Imagine turning on a tap and bringing in an automated stream of ready-to-buy prospects to your business.


It is possible, it’s called: Google AdWords advertising.


Turn those little sponsored ads at the top of Google into an advertisement for your business.

Can I run my own Google Adwords Campaign?

Sure you can.

1. First you can set up you account (which is quite easy to do). Then choose a few keywords, write an ad and give Google your credit card details and start your campaign.

2. Then after a few weeks you’ll wonder why you’ve got so few leads from your campaign and why Google has debited your credit card for $5000. (Yes, we’ve heard the stories)


Google Adwords is not a DIY platform. Setting up and managing your Adwords account is quite difficult and time consuming.

It involves:

  • Researching the best keywords to send qualified traffic to your business

  • Constantly tracking, measuring and optimising your campaign

  • Tuning the timing of your ads

  • Increasing click through rates (CTR) to your website with ongoing optimisation

  • Reducing click costs and improving ROI on an ongoing basis


Why is AdWords so effective?: Because it’s targeted, trackable and measurable.


Who needs an accountant? Someone searching Google for an accountant.

That’s why ads on Google work.

Your Google Adwords campaign can be ready tomorrow. Plus, the best bit is you only play when someone clicks on your ad.

Everything is trackable. Every single prospect who visits your website can be tracked all the way through.

Because everything is trackable, each month you can work your ROI (return on investment) and slowly build your marketing into an automated profit machine.

Find out if AdWords will work for your business or open the conversation to see what’s possible.