SEO Services Company Expert Talks About Broken Static Websites

Hi guys, Thomas Krawiec from

Now I speak with a lot of business owners, business owners that have websites and they invested anywhere from a few thousands to tens of thousands of dollars into their website. Now the problem is they oriiginally got that website to generate more customers. But the thing is their websites not set up correctly to bring in those new customers, it’s not set up correctly to bring in those new customers they haven’t optimised it.

Now think about how much revenue your business is potentially leaving on the table. How much is a clients lifetime value worth to your business? $1000, $10000 or even $100000 per year that your business is missing out on because your website isn’t set up to generate leads.

Now a new client of mine that is a financial advisorys and planning firm has just taken out our website on-page SEO best practices implementation report. Now they have gone and made the recommended changes that we suggested and now they’ve gone from being no where in Google, all the way to page number 3 for their relevant target keywords that are going to bring in leads to their business.

Now if you’re looking for this sort of a result for your business, please get in contact with us and we would be more that happy to help.

I’m Thomas Krawiec from Zug Digital, I’ll see you soon.

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