– Build Additional Recurring Revenue into Your Agency -

Are you turning away clients who are directly asking you for SEO services?

Are you time poor and not able to provide any new services to clients?

How much additional revenue is your agency missing out on?

The web agencies who survive and thrive have been able to build recurring revenues from clients who have no desire to go elsewhere.


We see lot’s of web design agencies with clients asking for SEO services that they don’t provide.

Now that can change!

Team up with Zug Digital, become an SEO reseller and build a new recurring revenue stream into your business today!

This is how it works:

  1. You sell an SEO service modeled on our service deliverables
  2. You bill your client with a markup
  3. Submit the job to us when you pay for the service
  4. We do all the work on your clients campaign yet deal directly (and only) with you
  5. Each month we will send you a white labeled report with YOUR logo and branding on it
  6. You give that report to your customer
  7. Add more campaigns for a very nice recurring revenue income

We only contact you with details about the project and as a reseller your client communicates directly to you.

If you want to build a valuable business and stop struggling project by project then get in contact with us about becoming a partner.