The Fastest Way To Get More Leads: Google Adwords Advertising

In this post I am going to talk about the fastest way to get more leads and more new clients for  your business in the shortest amount of time by using the magical Google Adwords advertising.

Why use Google for lead generation?

89% of consumers research products and services online before investing in them. Google ads are an effective way to reach these people.

Google is the most popular search engine in the world with over a billions searches a day and one in five searches now being local. Your customers are online and they’re looking for you!

Google’s whole revenue model is based around this advertising system and everyone is flocking to it because it just works.

You know who needs a dentist? People searching for a dentist. That’s why ads on Google work.

Maybe you’ve heard of Google Adwords advertising or maybe you haven’t. They’re those yellow boxes at the top of the Google search engine results that appear each time you try and search for something. (Take a look at the screenshot below:)

dentist sydney google search engine results first page

Businesses are now beginning to take advantage of a new way to advertise to consumers. With Google ads you are advertising to people who are actively searching for your products or services.

Google ads works on a cost per click (CPC) basis where you are paying when someone clicks on your ad and is directed over to your businesses website.


5 Reasons Why Your Business Should be Using Google Adwords Advertising:


1. Google Adwords Is Measurable

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Unlike traditional forms of marketing like yellow pages, newspaper and print ads; online marketing is highly measurable with Google Adwords PPC being one of the most measurable online marketing channels. When you have things like Adwords metrics combined with Google Analytics from your website, you really can track and measure everything and determine your campaigns return on investment. Imagine being able to track your Adwords advertising spend, right down to the exact cent, (now that’s cool) and then being able to adjust your advertising spend accordingly with the previous months ROI.

2. Adwords Is Extremely Flexible

With Adwords you can target a specific local region if you are a local business, multi regions if you have multiple shop fronts and even overseas if you’re business is international. You can display ads by location, time of day or device type and more. You are also able to set your budget accordingly, increase or decrease your monthly spend and stop and start your campaign at any time.

3. Adwords Is Really Really.. Fast

Don’t get me wrong. We love SEO here at Zug Digital and we recommend you use both in your online marketing strategy. However, SEO takes some time to see results and to get onto the first page and what better way to test which keywords are bringing in most of your traffic than running a Google Adwords campaign to begin with.

4. Adwords Is Taking Over The First Page

Google entire revenue model revolves around these ads on the search engine results pages and when I say revenue I’m talking $14 Billion. (Yes! Billion with a ‘B’). Over the past few years the ads have been becoming more dominant than the organic search engine results. Google want you using Adwords so why not just give them what they want and reap the rewards at the same time.

5. Your Competition Is Already Using Adwords

Yellow Pages is dead.

Google Adwords advertising is in.

If you’re not already using it then maybe it’s time we had a chat because I know your competitors are already reaping the rewards.

Are you looking to get more leads and new clients for your business? Speak to us and find out if running a Google AdWords campaign is suitable for your business or shoot through an email if you have any more questions.

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