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In this post I will layout step by step the blogging strategy your business can implement to start generating more leads and more new customers through the internet. I will also reference a business already doing this with great results.

Moving on..

I bet you’ve heard this before..

“Start a blog!”

Yes, starting a blog is great for bringing in more leads and new customers to your business but blogging without strategy can be a big waste of time and money.

Businesses who have a consistent blogging or content marketing strategy will see the best results in the long run.

For this post, we will pretend we are in the business of ‘Product Photography’.

Let’s get started.

Step 1 – Keyword Research.

In order to strategically blog to bring in leads, we first need to find out what keywords our customers are typing to find us. To do this we need to head over to the Google Keyword Tool.

In the ‘Word or phrase’ box type in keywords around your profession. In this case we will type in the words – ‘product photography’.

google keyword tool search product photography

Underneath the boxes, make sure you check – ‘Only show ideas closely related to my search terms’ and in the ‘Advanced Options and Filters.

On the left hand side underneath ‘Match Types’, select the ‘Exact’ box.

google keyword tool match types

Once all of this is complete, then click ‘Search’. (Note – If you produce video, you would then type in something along the lines of ‘video production’ etc.)

Now what you have is a list of keywords that people are typing into the Google search engine. We will refer back to these keywords at the ‘What Content Should I Create?’ step.

product photography google keyword tool search termsmore product photography google keyword tool search terms

This next point is key. From an SEO perspective to rank for a keyword term such as ‘product photography, you will need a page (or better yet, pages) of content on your website that relate to that term and a consistent blogging or content strategy is the best way to achieve this. Notice I said ‘consistent’. Consistency is key here, do not expect to do one post and viola you will be at the top of Google generating leads the next day, this is not how it works, otherwise everybody would be doing it.

If you do this on a consistent basis you will be way ahead of your competition and be on your way to generating more leads through search engine traffic.

Step 2 – “What Content Should I Create?”

Good question.

Using the product photography business as an example, what content would we be creating each day?

Photographs of different products and a description of what work was done or additional information about the products. Recent work with clients is great to republish.

Answer questions from the keyword research. Eg. ‘How to do product photography’.

This can be the content for your blogging strategy. What better content to re-publish online than the work we produce for our clients. (Note – By content I mean, audio, video, transcribed audio, images, interviews, articles etc.)

Now it doesn’t matter what type of business you are there will always be some sort of content you can publish online.

Video production company? Upload the videos you make for clients.

Plumber? Show us some recent work you did or tell us five amazing plumbing tips.

Online marketer? Write a blog post like this.

Every industry will have some sort of content they can publish online to help their customers.

Step 3 – Optimising Your Blog Posts.

Publishing your content on a CMS such as WordPress will give you a leg up on a lot of people with old websites.

There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the code for WordPress is much cleaner and easier for search engines to read. What this means is that search engines are better able to understand what different pages are about. The SEO plugins available for WordPress are much more advanced than most of the other CMS (content management system) platforms.

WordPress is very easy to use once you’ve learnt the ins and outs. Adding new blog posts will be fun and won’t take up too much of your time.

If your website is not already on WordPress, I would strongly recommend that you migrate your website over to it right away. (Contact our team if you need some help with this.)

To properly optimise your blog posts and bring in targeted leads for your services, we need to remember to title our content around the keywords we want to rank for.

In this example the main keyword is ‘Product Photography’ so let’s use an example based around this.

Say we took some photos of company XYZ’s new product, the ‘Red Widget.

We would then title the blog post: ‘Red Widget Product Photography for Company XYZ’.

Here we have a good description of the product, the company who we provided the service for and most importantly we have included our keyword they we are trying to rank for.

Consistently blogging following this strategy will start to bring in targeted leads for your business as the search engine will see you are producing a lot of content around the keyword terms, ‘product photography’.

Here is a business that is leveraging this strategy to bring in targeted leads – Perth Product Photography. They have a large number of recent work examples that is helping them rank on the 1st page for photography related keyword terms. (Type in ‘product photography’ in Google and you will see them on the first page.)

You can use their blog to understand how to properly structure your content for your business blog.

Step 4 – Promoting Your Content

So you’re adding content to your website on a consistent basis.. Nice work!

But you’re not seeing results as soon as you’d like. Remember, this is a longer term strategy so don’t get frustrated that you are not seeing results right away.

However there are a few things you can do to leverage your content to the masses in a shorter space of time.

Promote! Promote! Promote.

Take your blog post, post it on your Facebook page, ask your followers what they think. Engage with them.

Go on LinkedIn and post your content in a group or broadcast it to all your connections.

Tweet about it.

Google+ it.

Upload your content to YouTube.

Pin your pictures on Pinterest.

Send your email list a link to your blog post.

These are just a few ways you can bring in traffic to your website.

There are so many marketing channels online that you can push your content out to. Find out where your target market is and go there and share your content with them there on a consistent basis. This will help spread the word of your company.


Make sure you have Google Analytics set up with your website so you can track and measure performance. With Google Analytics you can see what keywords people are finding your website for and see if your blogging strategy is working. Analytics tells you all sorts of information about your traffic and allows you to take strategic action when it comes to using your website as a marketing tool.

I could write a whole book on analytics so I’ll leave it for another day but you’d be silly not to have this connected to your site. (It is free after all).

Is your phone ringing a lot more? Are more people filling out the contact form on your website? If you’ve noticed this happening a lot more, it’s also a good sign you’re doing something right.

In conclusion, a consistent blogging or content marketing strategy is a great way to bring in more leads for your business. It’s inbound marketing at its best.

Combining this strategy with our monthly SEO services, and following our Google places optimisation post, you can really supercharge your website traffic and grow your business a lot quicker.


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