How much should I spend on my Google Adwords campaign?

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Hi everyone, Thomas Krawiec here with an internet news update.

Lately I’ve been asked the same question a lot, which is how much should I expect to spend or invest on my first Google AdWords advertising campaign?

The short answer is, as much as you’d like to invest. I generally recommend a baseline / minimum of at least $500 and just like any good business owners, you test and measure the result that you get from your AdWords campaign.

So you might invest $500 for the first month and you find out you get a 100% return on your investment, so accordingly next month you are going to invest a lot more because you know the investment will bring a good return for your business.

What I can say in summary is, why not try it out for your business and see what sort of ROI (return on investment) you receive and then go from there.

This is Thomas Krawiec from, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an email.


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