Drive Profitable Traffic To Your E-Commerce Store By Focusing SEO on ‘Buying’ Keywords

Maybe you’ve thought about implementing some higher level SEO to help drive huge amounts of traffic to your E-Commerce store but you’re not sure where to start.

Or maybe you’re already targeting that one or two-phrase keyword that has over 100 000 searches per month and you’re just dreaming about all the traffic that will come to your store and buy all of your products.

Well STOP!

Firstly, trying to rank on page one for the most competitive keyword in your niche is usually an uphill battle. It will involve a lot of time, resources and money and if you do eventually get there you’ll find that it may send you a lot of traffic, but that traffic will include lots of visitors who aren’t even thinking of becoming a new customer.

You want those hungry hungry visitors ready to buy your products.. RIGHT?!

The rest of this post is dedicated to exactly where you should focus your SEO efforts in order to bring those wallet-out, ready to buy, profitable customer streams to your E-Commerce store.

Focus Keyword Research on ‘Buying’ Phrases.

If you’re running an E-Commerce store, stop focusing on those high traffic/high competition keywords because they aren’t going to convert well anyway (I see this time and time again with my E-Commerce clients – examples to come). Focus on those low traffic but high ‘BUYING’ intent keywords where the customer is at their computer with their wallet out next to them and looking to buy right then and there.

Below I have done some basic keyword research around ‘photo frames’ and I have listed a few ‘buying’ intent keywords to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
photo frames buying keywords

If I was running an E-Commerce store selling photo frames and was looking at running SEO campaigns I would have all my focus on ranking well for these buying keywords as they are going to be sending ready to buy traffic to your store which will result in better conversion rates, more sales and more revenue for your business.


Here’s an simple outline for how I implement this for my E-Commerce clients.

  • Keyword Research
    • Research keywords with buying intent in the niche.
    • Generally the best keyword to target is: ‘buy KEYWORD online’ (This keyword converts extremely well).
    • Order, Purchase, Online all work well.
  • On-Page SEO
    • Have our team analyse your E-Commerce website.
    • Optimise your homepage, categories and page title tags for both SEO and click through.
    • Here’s an example of the first three search engine results for the keyword ‘buy photo frames online’: (Which one would you click? – Having the keyword in the page title and every first letter capitalized makes it stand out more in the search engine results as Google highlights the keyword for the user, this increases click through rate and therefore has more people clicking on your site in the search engine results.

buy photo frames online serp results

Here’s an example of why I don’t target those high volume/high traffic keywords to begin with:

This example below is from one of my E-Commerce clients which further proves my point:


As you can see, in the image above the top result is the main keyword (two phrase keyword) for their niche. They are ranked at the bottom of the first page however still receive quite a bit of traffic each month.

As you can see this keyword has received 1200 visits this month, YAY! But it has only converted 0.87% visitors into new customers, BOO! With a $1.10 per visit value.

Then if you take a look at the second keyword (this is a four phrase keyword), it has only attracted 60 new visitors from Google this month but it converted at a whopping 21.67% and the total revenue from this keyword is only $100 less than the high traffic keyword. It has a huge per visit value of $21.40! Wow!

It was also a lot easier to rank in the top 3 position on the first page of Google for this longer tail buying keyword and the per visit value is just huge.

Having E-Commerce tracking and goals setup for your E-Commerce store allow to you gain valuable data and insights into how your website’s traffic converts. This will help you make clear cut decisions based on data and not just gut feeling.

When I was engaged by this client they came to me saying they wanted to rank number 1 for the main keyword of their niche. When I took a deeper look into the data I could clearly see that trying to rank for this keyword would not only be difficult and costly but once we got to the top the ROI (return on investment) would not be worth it mathematically . So we moved focus to these ‘buying keywords’ which have since increased their conversion rate dramatically. We are seeing anywhere from 4%- 12% conversion rate on a lot of long tail buying keywords. This will lead to thousands of dollars of incremental sales over the long term.

Remember, SEO is long ball strategy.

Going through the Google analytics data I see this time and time again. Keywords with ‘buying intent’ out converting and out selling the main keyword of niche. (Take note of this).

By targeting these ‘buying’ keywords you are going to be flooding your E-Commerce store with more qualified, ready to buy traffic which will result in more sales and revenue for your business.

Are you looking to send more profitable traffic to your E-Commerce store?

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