Detailed Keyword Research Report

Anyone can get rankings in the search engines.

But getting ranked well for relevant, profitable, popular keyword search terms that are going to give you a profitable return on your search engine optimisation investment is a another story.

That’s why we focus time and effort into analysing your market/industry, and preparing a report for the best possible keywords for you to target. It helps to find those valuable topics/phrases to target in your market, where your competitors are weakest and the returns are greatest, and your website stands to get the best possible return.

Here’s how it works:

  • We analyse thousands of keywords in your market and find the highest traffic and most valuable keywords to target.
  • We further refine the list, removing any keywords that have high levels of competition, to maximise your chance to rank in the search engines.
  • Next, we find a those long tail keywords related to your high value keywords – to be used as blog posts, tags etc.
  • Finally, we put all of our analysis into an easy-to read report.

This report is a blueprint for keyword targeting that looks at how to best position your site and maximise the return from your search engine optimisation investment.

  • The highest value, highest traffic keywords in your market
  • The low competition niches, where you can get quick and easy returns from SEO work
  • Specific analysis on each individual keywords, written by an SEO expert
  • Long tail keyword ideas to help you to with ideas of content to grab more search engine traffic
  • Easy to understand information on our keyword selection process
  • An in-depth (40-100 page) report of our analysis, customised to your business

Item: Detailed Keyword Research Report
Total: $999.

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