4 Reasons SMEs Should Focus on Search, Not Social For Customer Acquisition

4 reasons small and medium sizedĀ enterprises / businesses should focus on search, not social for customer acquisition

Social media is extremely popular and for good reason, but I see a lot of SME’s focusing on social rather than search.

Here are 4 reasons why this is a mistake and why you as an SME should focus on search and not social when it comes to acquiring new customers.

  • Search Gets Your Business In front of customers who arn’t familiar with your brand already.
  • People use social media, to beā€¦ SOCIAL. People use search engines to have their problem solved, whether that is finding a plumber or a new restaurant.
  • With the boom of mobile search, search engines make it super easy to find information on go the, whether you’re on the bus to work or walking through a new city. A recent statistic showed that buy the end of 2013, more than 50% of searches will be geographic specific.
  • Social media marketing is very time consuming.

A lot of SME’s tend to use social media because they see it as the ‘cheaper & easier’ option, however a social campaign is no easy task for getting new customers. However, Posting to Facebook or tweeting about your business specials is easy and inexpensive, but also very ineffective.

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