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Hi guys, Thomas Krawiec from

In today’s video I’m going to talk about how to do keyword research correctly and really target the right keywords for your SEO foundation.

Alright here we go, so a lot of people have difficulty with keyword research and it’s really important to make sure you do target the right keywords from the  get go and really have the SEO foundation of your eCommerce store setup correctly.

Before you build a store you SHOULD start off with keyword research, this will allow you to work out if you’ll be profitable in the long run. There’s no point going into a niche if you’re going to targeting low traffic keywords because in the long run you’re just not going to be profitable.

Here’s how I explain keyword research, I like to use the large tree analogy. Think of a very big tree, now the truck of your tree will be your main homepage keyword, lets use the photo frame industry as an example, so ‘photo frames’ will be your trunk  keyword. Now if we move up the tree we are going to move to the thicker branches, these are going to be your category keywords. For example, glass photo frames, wooden photo frames, timber photo frames. These are your category keywords and then if we move even further up the tree to thin little branches, these are your long tail keywords. For example; red wooden photo frames, large wooden photo frames, 4×4 wooden photo frames. The little branches are your specific products that you are selling.

Here’s an SEO tip, focus your SEO strategy on the long tail three to five keyword phrases. The reason to do this is time and time again with my clients, these keywords convert hundred times better than the trunk keywords like photo frames. These long tail keywords, yes they have less traffic but they’re much more specific so if someone finds your website for a four phrase keyword, they’re more likely to buy.
I wrote a post about this recently called ‘targeting buying keywords‘ the conversion rate for them is just insane.

Now, if you don’t want to do keyword research yourself you can have our team do it, we provide comprehensive keyword research reports. What we will do it analyse your entire market and come back at your with a 40 page+ keyword research report, and tell you the best keywords to target in your market so that you can easily rank for, generate traffic and bring in more revenue to your business.

I hope you enjoyed this eCommerce SEO tip, if you have any questions leave a comment or shoot me an email. Thomas Krawiec from Zug Digital, I’ll see you soon.

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